Eclectica Systems Limited is a consultancy that ‘specialises’, if that’s allowed, in applying systems-thinking to problems including engineering. Formed in 1999 and with origins in the aerospace and defence sector the company has provided consultancy into the aerospace, defence, nuclear, rail, power / utilities and government sectors.

Systems-Thinking - It’s More Than Skin Deep

We like to think that it’s the original thinking and the application of sound systems’ principles and the ability to look at the big picture and the impacts, dependencies and interactions that matter most, not the sector or functional discipline.

Life and projects are getting increasingly more complex, complicated and systems-thinking/engineering can help you manage the inherent risk. This might apply within the organisation itself such as its structure, processes and boundaries or to one or more of the products that the organisation develops, makes or sells.

Although this might not fit in with everyone’s viewpoint, particularly the educators, we strongly believe that systems-thinking is an inherent way of looking at the world and not something that you just bolt onto a person. In our experience there are definitely types of people who are suited for this and who tend to be comfortable with uncertainty, looking upwards and outwards and simply curious about the outside and how it all fits together (or doesn’t ...).

Getting Around this Site

The navigational blocks of this site are:-

  • information about the company and what it does. Methods of contact, the services and skills it provides and particular instances of tasks undertaken for customers in the past
  • Random Mutterings. Nothing overtly to do with the company but a blog that marks the intersection of age, grumpiness, enabling Internet technologies and a systems-thinking approach. It provides the opportunity to express, explore and muse about things that are related to the discipline that the company is engaged in which, given that it is systems thinking/engineering, is pretty much anything!
  • Scraps. Tangible products, outputs or offerings produced by Eclectica Systems not under contract or commercial gain. Informative, often community-based since we strongly believe in the collective power of people working together.



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