Training - TRAK Enterprise Architecture Framework

TRAK started off within the rail industry but is a general enterprise architecture framework that allows systems of any sort to be modelled together with their place in the world.

It has it’s roots in MODAF but because TRAK is small, easily understandable by non-technocrats and user-centric it is rapidly taking off (gaining traction!) and being used in all sorts of applications where system-thinking is important.

Typical Course Contents

  • why use a framework?
  • important ideas
  • object-centric notations and thinking e.g. UML, SysML vs relationship-centric notations and thinking e.g. graphs
  • the parts of TRAK including the metamodel, architecture viewpoints and rules
  • modelling with TRAK including when, how and why and, importantly, when to stop
  • typical modelling problems faced & how to manage them

The course content/structure will be tailored to the client’s needs to suit their purpose and experience.

Who is it Aimed At?

  • complete beginners who want to know enough to start modelling
  • those familiar with MODAF/NATO architecture framework
  • those wishing to sharpen up a particular area of modelling or looking to apply TRAK to a particular area/problem

Knowledge of notation such as SysML or UML is not needed - unless you want this.

What You Get

  • course notes
  • priority support to get you going

Benefits of Our Training

  • trained by “the horses’s mouth” - we co-created TRAK and “wrote the book”
  • priority-support for trainees post course (we won’t leave you to struggle). Beyond this if you need additional support or mentoring this can be arranged.
  • flexible / tailored - we can run the course to fit your experience, timescale and location


In the first instance email us .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we’ll then be happy to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

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