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Integration doesn’t just apply to parts of ‘hard systems’ it also applies to the softer side of life involving people. It is a strong belief of ours that everyone ought to contribute as much as they take from the Internet and hence there is a duty to contribute and help others. One of the ways in which we can help is to provide community sites for professionals.

The object of this one,, is to provide a platform for people of a systems-thinking persuasion whether they be labelled systems engineers or something else.


Many many moons ago we constructed a database of books that might interest systems-thinkers. Not just the then current ones but classics. It was hand-crafted using PHP and MySQL and worked well. Over time it got to the point where we couldn’t spend the time to add the extra functionality for interaction and eventually the PHP broke as newer PHP releases changed functionality. The front public-facing part was retired but the database remained.

Technology moved on and with modern content management systems increasingly oriented around the social aspects it seemed sensible to try and reinvigorate the idea on a new platform. As the content wasn’t part of the company (although it reflects the core skills of Eclectica Systems Ltd.) it made sense to break it out into a separate site - site - home page


The site features include:

  • discussions forums for all sorts of domains and aspects of systems-thinking including tools, life-cycle, standards and techniques
  • resources section. This includes books, websites, courses and tools of interest to systems-thinkers. These can be selected by author, publisher, category, tag as you might expect. We’ve tried to include a good view of the structure/content of each resource as we think that this is of interest.
  • ability to review each resource and rate the reviews in terms of helpfulness


The above is only the beginning. Given time what will be included is:

  • expansion of the information about individuals and organisations linked to the resources
  • a blog for inclusion of articles and papers of interest
  • an editable and calendar of events which can be subscribed to

What we hope is that as a community site it provides for folks to contribute, to comment or submit things of interest and help others. It provides a focal point around which systems-thinkers can congregate.

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