MDG for TRAK (Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect Plugin for the TRAK Architecture Framework)


The MDG for TRAK is a plugin for the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect UML modelling tool that makes it easy for modellers/architects to create models and views using the TRAK Enterprise Architecture framework. It takes the form of a XMI text file (actually a model itself) that EA loads when it starts up.


The plugin was created when developing the TRAK framework within London Underground Ltd. It is an implementation of TRAK that provides a set of objects in palettes that correspond to the TRAK specification. The aim of this was to make it easier for modellers/architects to produces models and architecture views that conform to TRAK.


Quicklink Suggests Appropriate Relationships (or Relationship + Bloclk Element)

The MDG for TRAK plugin provides the following features:

  • a set of object types e.g. ‘Contract’, ‘Enterprise’, ‘Enterprise Goal’,  ‘Job’, ‘Organisation’, ‘Physical’,  ‘Project’,  ‘Protocol’, ‘Requirement’, ‘Role’,  ‘Standard’, ‘Software’, ‘System’, etc - chosen from toolbar palettes
  • a set of relationships (connectors)
  • context-sensitive creation of relationships between objects - depending on the start/finish objects selected and the view type
  • a canned set of TRAK architecture view types (diagrams)
  • predefined searches e.g. ‘All Systems’, ‘All Open Concerns’, ‘Objects without Any Links and Not in a View’, ‘Objects Without a Description’
  • Model Views based on the searches - list the objects in the Project Browser


A short video clip of an early version of the Sparx MDG Technology for TRAK is available on YouTube.


The MDG for TRAK is released under the GPL (GNU Public License) as open source.


Support in terms of raising bugs, support and feature requests is managed through the Sourceforge trackers at This keeps everything in the open and means that any bugs etc. can be prioritised and responded to in a systematic way. There is also a MDG for TRAK wiki on Sourceforge at


The MDG for TRAK can be downloaded from Sourceforge at

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