Requirement Identification, Authoring and Management

We meet requirements packaged in many different ways

  • contracts - commercial and legal requirements
  • standards - including technical and national
  • processes - company processes, method statements
  • plans - company plans often contain or invoke other requirements even if at a high level, for example management plans
  • user requirements -usually high level requirements based around scenarios of use
  • technical specifications - these contain detailed technical requirements
  • interface requirements - again usually technical. Sometimes incorporated with the functional requirements but often also identified separately (not always a good idea in practice, however well-intentioned)

Eclectica Systems can offer support in

  • identification of requirements
  • identification of the boundary of the ‘system’ to which the requirements apply and the dependencies with the ‘residual world’, for example using architectural modelling
  • authoring of requirements - applying sounds principles of ...?
    • User Requirement Documents (URDs)
    • System Requirement Documents (SRDs)
    • Interface Requirements
    • Systems Engineering Plans - SEMP, verification and validation plans
  • management of requirements
  • use of appropriate tools or techniques depending on the size of the system and part of the life-cycle. This can include robust and heavyweight tools such as DOORS
  • facilitation of meetings with users to capture requirements
  • integration of requirements / requirement-management tools with enterprise architecture / other MBSE tools
  • design and peer review of requirement documents whether ‘straight’ requirements or other types of requirement enforcement e.g. Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP), verification plans

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