When you’re closely involved with the preparation and issue of a document it can be hard to really see what is written. This is a human trait and it also happens in other areas such as modelling when we describe what we think it ought to be rather than what we’ve actually committed by definition either on paper or in electronic forms or using languages such as SysML, UML or indeed anything.

This is why independent review is essential to the rigour of the design process, not just in the realms of safety, (and why marriage counsellors et al exist!).

Eclectica Systems can support

  • review and analysis of individual documents
  • review, participation (i.e. design review panel member) in classic systems engineering design reviews
    • System Requirements Review (SRR) - focus on the requirements, flow-down/relationships, structure and management
    • System Definition Review (SDR) - focus on the programme, allocation, technical approach & adequacy
    • Preliminary Design Review (PDR) - focus on adequacy of design against requirements and operational concept (e.g. CONOPS, CONUSE, CONEMP), risk, safety,
    • Critical Design Review (CDR) - focus on adequacy of detailed design
    • Test Readiness Review - suitability/fitness for purpose to undergo test

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