Boundaries & Structure

It is always important to be able to establish and define clear boundaries and a good structure for any system of interest:

  • Commercial / Procurement - how well do these align with the product or system breakdown structure? How does the Work Breakdown Structure map onto these? Is the procurement strategy or commercial instrument going to help or hinder?
  • User or Conceptual / Solution - is there a sensible division between what is required and and how it is realised in the product or proposed solution?
  • Technical - are the boundaries in the right place? What effect does this have on performance and on interfaces/exchanges? Is there a better allocation e.g. of function or arrangement that results in a ‘better’ set of interfaces?
  • Organisational / Process - are the functional responsibilities in the right place? How do the parts of the organisation fit together? What effect does one discipline have on another? How (well) is the structure or process expressed?

Eclectica Systems Ltd. can provide advice and analysis to help assess the structure and boundaries of a system. Sometimes techniques such as modelling can help but the essential pre-requisites are being able to form a clear picture and being able to see how the parts integrate to form the bigger system or enterprise and their interdependencies.

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