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As part of the efforts to provide things of use to systems engineers (and other flavours of technical folk!) we have started to describe typical normative documents such as Standards, Statutes, technical specifications and how they relate to each other.

The purpose is to aid those who often need to understand how a particular standard fits into the ‘grand scheme’ and what the dependencies are so that, if necessary, the right source might be found or the requirement traceability can be established.

The description is produced using a UML modelling tool - Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and a UML implementation of the TRAK enterprise architecture framework has been used since Eclectica Systems Ltd is both involved in the architecture and specification of TRAK and also develops the plugin for Sparx EA (MDG for TRAK) that provides the UML profiles used by the tool to provide the tool behaviour.

It is likely to be a slowly evolving description as time allows since these things take a lot of time to do properly. In doing so, however, Eclectica Systems Ltd saves other’s time having to repeat the research. Of course if you would like to employ us to help your particular system-of-interest please get in touch.

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