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It’s that time of the year - the festive season. This means a bit of ‘down time’ to play although in reality it’s always used to explore, learn or do ‘worthy’ things for the community such as maintain and extend TRAK (an open source architecture framework).

Untappd Application

One of the many apps on the mobile phone is Untappd. This allows a user to ‘check in’ a beer they’ve ...

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Adelard is the company behind the concept of using Claims, Arguments and Evidence to develop safety assurance cases. They’ve done a sound job in explaining rationale and developing a systematic approach so it was only natural to want to understand the metamodel behind this, particularly as they seem to be the first to have introduced the [Claim - Argument - Evidence (CAE)][1] construct in describing ...

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This was a joint presentation given at the INCOSE UK Chapter’s [Annual Systems Engineering Conference (ASEC) at Heythrop Park in November 2010][1]. INCOSE is the professional body that represents systems engineers (and thinkers). The conference is an excellent way to ...

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The MDG for TRAK is a plugin for the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect UML modelling tool ('EA') that makes it easy for modellers/architects to create models and views using the TRAK Enterprise Architecture framework. It takes the form of a XMI text file (actually a UML model itself) that EA loads when it starts up.


The plugin was created when developing ...

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How many times have you heard someone mention the ‘law of unintended consequences’? Probably many times I suspect. In fact it seems to be so common that it’s become an accepted part of the management vocabulary. A quick search on Google produces something over 520,000 entries.

[Wikipedia states][1]:

The so called “law of unintended consequences” (or “law of unforeseen ...